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100.000 fish

Stop excess fishing: worldwide, 30 billion kilograms of fish are caught unnecessarily

1 in 4 fish are caught to produce Omega-3 fish oil

There is a good, fish friendly alternative: algae oil

Participate in the ‘For Our Love of Life’ Challenge and save 100,000 fish in 90 days

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For our love of life

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The seas are emptied through fishing. In 40 years’ time, life in our oceans has been cut in half. A big part of the excess fishing is caused by the production of Omega-3 fish oil.

Did you know that for each package of 60 Omega-3 fish oil capsules, 38 fish have died? Worldwide, over 22.5 billion kilograms of fish are used for the production of fish oil each year. Each day that is over 60 million kilograms!

Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in algae oil. They have the same benefits and are a better, more fish friendly alternative. This way, we can save the lives of 1 in every 4 fish being caught!

The International Ocean Foundation wants to stop excess fishing. And you can help. Together the producers of Omega-3 algae oil can make a difference. Are you currently taking Omega-3 capsules made of fish oil? Participate in our challenge “For Our Love of Life!”

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The oceans are getting overfished more every year. Not only because many people eat fish, but also because 1 in every 4 fish are processed for other products. For example, the production of fish oil, with Omega-3 fatty acids as its most important component. Because of the excess fishing, fish species can no longer sustain themselves. They become extinct. This endangers the future of our oceans. Do we want that?

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The excess fishing in our oceans must stop. And that can be done. Algae oil contains the same fatty acids that are found in high-end fish oil. Supplements containing Omega-3 algae oil are just as good for our health. And much better for the fish populations in the oceans. This way, we all keep the oceans rich with fish and the earth a better place to live.

With the ‘For Our Love of Life’ challenge, we aim to mobilize everyone in the fight against excess fishing: Producers of algae oil, Consumers, Media, anyone who wants to help. 

That means you as well!

Are you taking Omega-3 supplements or do you know someone who takes them? Then participate in our challenge. Help us save 100,000 fish in 90 days!

For Our Love of Life

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Our ambassadors

The International Ocean Foundation can count on a lot of support. Ambassadors are selflessly acting to support our ‘For Our Love of Life’ challenge and to raise awareness. From famous to unknown people. And from international enterprises to local organizations. But everyone has the same goal: to make and keep the oceans healthy.



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As a blogger you are important to us. Therefore we are asking you to share our video on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to spread our message and cause. We thank you for your support! Want to receive our Blogger Pack, please contact us.


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Do you agree with the goal of the International Ocean Foundation? Then help us. And make our challenge known to everyone you know. We help you with a complete information kit: factsheet, campaign logo, photographs, an email signature, a online poster and background information, including World Wildlife Fund reports. Want to receive our Information Kit, please contact us.


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As a representative of the media you are important to us. We therefore ask for your help. By bringing our story to the masses, online and offline. We want to reach as many people as possible to spread our message and create awareness for our cause. In news briefs or longer articles your voice is important to our goals. Want to receive our Press Kit (contents: fact sheet, photos and background information such as the report by the World Wildlife Fund), please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

Why has the ‘For Our Love Of Life’ challenge been started?

There is an alternative to food supplements based on fish oil. Innovative producers use algae. Vegetarian capsules contain the same important ingredient: Omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, algae oil producer Testa and strategic concept, communication and design agency Mattmo Creative, founding fathers of the International Ocean Foundation, have started the ‘For Our Love of Life’ challenge. Together with our partners the goal is to raise awareness about Omega-3 capsules based on algae. The more producers cooperate and the more consumers choose algae oil capsules, the more affordable the capsules can be produced. With our goal being to save as many fish as possible.

What is the goal of the International Ocean Foundation?

Goal: the International Ocean Foundation wants to decrease fishing by 25%; that is the amount of fish being caught – unnecessarily – to be made into fish oil and fish meal.

What is the International Ocean Foundation?

The International Ocean Foundation is a volunteer organization, established by algae oil producer Testa and strategic concept, communication and design agency Mattmo Creative. Together with like-minded partners and a team of enthusiastic, committed volunteers from various countries, they are fighting excess fishing. We are people who realize things can be done differently. And that the oceans have a better future if less fish are being caught for fish oil or fishmeal. After all, there are alternatives to the way we are fishing now.

How does the International Ocean Foundation aim to achieve its goals?

The strategy: education through campaigns. The International Ocean Foundation supports innovative solutions lowering the maritime footprint. The International Ocean Foundation widely raises awareness of these solutions. The first campaign of the organisation is the ‘For Our Love of Life’ challenge. In this campaign, the organisation helpt producers of Omega-3 algae oil promote their products with the target group who can really make the difference: the consumers.

What is the mission of the International Ocean Foundation?

The International Ocean Foundation, together with its partners, contributes to a healthy ocean by stopping excess fishing.

How does the Organization use its profits?

For every product sold through our website 10% will be donated to our organization. The earnings will be used entirely for awareness campaigns and the recruitment cost of new partners and participants to achieve our goals, e.g. stopping excess fishing.

How many fish are used for a 60 capsule package? Not every fish has the same size, how is this calculated?

One capsule of highly concentrated algae oil, such as Testa Omega-3, contains at least 410 mg pure Omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, 60 capsules contain 24.6 pure Omega-3 fatty acids. This is comparable with the better fish oil supplements.

A fatty fish, such as herring, contains 651 mg pure Omega-3 fatty acids. Our new herring weighs approximately 62 grams; this means 1.05% of the herring is Omega-3 fatty acids. This means an awful number of herrings, 38, are needed for a small jar of fish oil!

We can also make this calculation for other fish. Fish like anchovies, sardines, herring and sprat are often used for fish oil production.

Where does the algae from? How is the algae grown? What food is given to grow the algae? How is the algae raised?

The most common micro-algae used for the omega-3 algae oil production is Schizochytrium Sp. This is a marine microalgae that normally occurs in mangrove forests. They live on simple organic organisms originating from the dead leaves and do not need light. This algae able to create large amounts of DHA and EPA fatty acids.

This microalga is cultured in pure fermentation tanks with artificial seawater, so that there is no risk of contamination that may be found typically in fish oil. Production takes place under controlled conditions (pH, temperature, aeration) with the required nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. At the right time the algae is harvested and processed into a high-quality omega-3 oil. The microalgae is the original source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids and by cultivating it we can leave the ocean intact and relieve impact on fish and krill stocks.

How clean is algae oil compared to fish oil?

Fish oil can never be completely clean. Even "pharmaceutical" fish oil is not free of contaminants or disease-causing substances found in contaminated water. Algae oil is, however, clean and grown in a controlled environment.

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