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Our message: to bring a halt to unnecessary over-fishing by 25%. Focusing on fish, which are now trapped for the production of omega-3 fish oil. A more sustainable alternative for omega-3 supplements is algae oil. The International Ocean Foundations goal is to make this alternative known to a larger audience. We are therefore calling on all ambassadors, partners and supporters to spread our message through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that everyone knows the options and what can be done. Together we can make a difference. Join our cause to save 100,000 fish in 90 days. 

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Jacques Cousteau of the Lowlands

Dos Winkel, the Jacques Cousteau of the Low Countries,  has been investigating the situation in our seas for years. He started 30 years ago with diving and underwater photography, in addition to his job as a physiotherapist. Slowly underwater photography became an increasingly important part of his life. His photographs have been recognized by many important awards, and have been exhibited and published in dozens of countries. The last two decades Dos became increasingly aware that there is something seriously wrong with our underwater world. Wherever he dived, the quality and quantity of sea life has been diminishing. His anxiety gave way to intensive search into the causes. In recent years he has been working full time to protect the oceans. He wrote books like "What is wrong with the fish?" And "Weeping sea ', and established the Sea First Foundation. For the International Ocean Foundation Dos Winkel is one of our leading allies in our joint fight against unnecessary overfishing.


Dos Winkel

photographer and founder Sea First Foundation


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The howling sea

As underwater photographer Dos Winkel has seen with his own eyes what is to our seas. This has moved him to fight for the protection of the oceans and its inhabitants. In his book "What's wrong with fish ... and fish oil?" And "The Howling Sea" Dos Winkel describes the hype of healthy omega-3 fats from fish and how these can be replaced by nature (fish) friendly products such as algae omega3 capsules.

Dos Winkel: "Why kill billions of fish for oil if you know that omega-3 from algae oil gives all the same nutrition and benefits that we can grow ourselves! Bypass the fish!".

Bypass the fish!

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